VCV Rack | MODUL – Geodesics Vultiverse ⇌ HexaQuark

2020-11-13 – Omri Cohen

00:00 – A couple of examples
00:19 – Introduction and all about clock resolution
05:26 – Basic Functions
11:01 – Pages and Scenes
21:05 – CV Outputs part 1
28:09 – CV Outputs part 2
33:07 – Probability (Uncertainty)
39:11 – Virtual Particles and Random
43:42 – Jump and Lock
49:17 – Things to try

"In September 2017 I found out about VCV Rack, a free and open-source virtual modular synthesizer and my life have changed... I found my musical home in the modular environment, falling in love with the sounds, with the workflow, with the state of mind, and soon enough, combining virtual, hardware, and acoustic instruments have become my passion. In this channel, you will find my music, you will also find videos about patching techniques and videos about specific modules (in VCV Rack and hardware)."

"Kommunikation ist die Illusion, daß sie stattgefunden hat."

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