Venus – Biosignatur entdeckt

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ExoMagazin TV – LEBEN AUF DER VENUS?? | Erstkontakt #13 mit Robert Fleischer, Dirk Pohlmann und Aleksandar Janjic

  • athmosphärische Biosignatur auf der Venus entdeckt – Phosphor-Kohlenwasserstoff
  • Phosphor-Kohlenwasserstoff wird auf der Erde von Mikroorganismen hergestellt (Sümpfe etc.)
  • möglicherweise Falsch-Positiv Ergebnisse
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ElderFox Documentaries – The Case For Life On Venus

“The moment we prove life exists outside of Earth, will be a turning point for mankind. But how do you imagine this moment would unfold? For example, we theorised for many years that liquid water could be present on Mars. We found small clues, pointing towards its existence. Today, it is an undeniable fact that water can be found on Mars; and we also know that in the ancient past, it was plentiful. This is how we should imagine the process of finding life outside of Earth. Tiny clues, slowly building into a mountain of evidence.

n 2019, a group of scientists wrote a paper about how we could possibly detect life on exoplanets using bio-signatures. In their paper, they state the most promising chemical to look for, is phosphine. On earth, it is produced by anaerobic ecosystems. Basically; organisms that don’t have access to oxygen. We do not know of any other processes which produce this gas in large amounts. Therefore, if the gas is detected on an exoplanet, there must be significant amounts for that detection, so it is a strong indicator of biology.

In September 2020, a group of astronomers announced a significant observation of Phosphine in the clouds of our nearest neighbouring planet: Venus. The amount of Phosphine they found is almost 1000 times greater than any known explanation. Currently, the best suggestion we have for this concentration of phosphine; is alien life.”

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