The Hives | コンサート – World Wide Web World Tour – Berlin

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2021-01-21 – The Hives – Live aus Schweden in Berlin

Setliste 2021-01-21

00:00​ Come On!
01:43​ Go Right Ahead
06:25​ Good Samaritan
10:57​ See Through Head
15:07​ Walk Idiot Walk
19:38​ Won’t Be Long
24:57​ I’m Alive
31:24​ Paint A Picture
35:07​ Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones
40:20​ No Pun Intended
44:24​ Hate to Say I Told You So
52:30​ Tick Tick Boom

"Attention Hives Fans - and loose ends!!!

Today is the best day of your life, or at least the TV part of it. America's Funniest Home Videos no longer the best thing on campus."

"Kommunikation ist die Illusion, daß sie stattgefunden hat."

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