BITWIG | GRID – Tutorial – Beginners II

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“If you havent watched the last video, do it here. This video takes all this a step further, and shows how you can fake some of the signals used to generate notes and gate signals.

00:00:00 intro
00:00:33 recap from the last video
00:01:44 closer look at the signals / gate phase pitch audio signals
00:09:30 using pitch signals as gate
00:13:40 generating notes with the LFO
00:15:24 limit signals to a range / value scaler
00:18:05 disrupt signals to make them more interesting
00:23:33 phase modules
00:24:23 uni and bi polar signals
00:29:07 wrapping up / what we learned
00:32:31 making generative music is hard

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Posted on 2020-07-23

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